The Concept of Home Base: 7 Steps to Inter-Day Productivity

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We all need some kind of home base, a place to take refuge, where we feel safe.  Home base is where we can gather our thoughts, assess what has happened, and regroup.  For some it’s their office, and others, it’s some special room, desk or couch at home.  We may even have a couple of areas where we are comfortable enough to relax and regroup – it is really a state of mind more than a specific location.  This age old concept is central to the Timebug Methodology.  Timebug can be of significant value to us when we are @ home base.  We get to ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Where am I at?  How do I feel?
  2. What do I need right now?
  3. What is important for me to do (if anything) at this moment? (priorities, next steps)  How can I make the most impact (towards my goals and life purpose)?
Personally, what I do right now when I’m at home base (which I am at this very moment) is:
  1. Check In.  Look at my Timebug Log section, and “Bug In” (= bring my time current to this moment); that helps me confirm where I just invested the past X hours.  It’s like checking things off a list (“went to the gym”, “got dinner”, “spoke to my friends”, “submitted the client proposal” – check, check, check, check)
  2. Assess.  Look at my Timebug “Right Now Bug” and “Daybug” prisms, to see what’s on the agenda.  Check my Google calendar as well, just to make sure there are no upcoming meetings.
  3. Get Current.  Take a quick peak at email, without getting bogged down in major responses or reading long messages (unless there is some space for that).
  4. Rework Plan.  Refresh my “Right Now Bug” or “Buggit List” from this moment (Start Time) to the end of this Day (ie. 4am, when I will likely sleep).
  5. Meditate.  Take a few moments to breathe into my diaphragm with positive intention towards this next little “Bug Run” I’m about to make.
  6. Prepare Environment.  Turn off all of my devices and log out of social networks, to avoid notifications and distractions.
  7. Go.  Dive right into the first item on the Buggit List (play on words for “Bucket List”)
Arman RoustaThe Concept of Home Base: 7 Steps to Inter-Day Productivity

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