“Why?” – The Most Important Question of All

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In all that we do on a daily basis, we often forget to ask ourselves the most important question of all: “WHY?” This is often a difficult question to ask, but our answers will help guide our lives – from relationships, to our health, to our careers and any one of our passion projects. Ironically, this begs us to ask, “Why is why the most important question of all?”

Our answers may be complex, but the reason we ask is simple: we need to justify our time. On any given day, hour, and moment, we have choices. We also have free will. No matter how difficult a decision, no matter how high the stakes, we are the captains of our own ship. Of course, sometimes the ocean’s current tosses us back and forth, and the winds blow us in a direction we did not plan for. Still, we have the freedom to respond to these unforeseeable experiences. Ultimately, when we ask ourselves “why” we spend time doing what we do, we get to know ourselves better. Even when our answers are unclear, or when we don’t even have answers – the very process of asking this question will direct us, and help to guide our lives in a direction that is an expression of our values, and our unique selves.

As I write this very blog entry, I ask myself, “why?” Of course, I could be writing anything else in the world (I am in fact hugely committed to writing screenplays and novels). Well, I believe that “CEO of ME” is important. I believe that this company’s mission and this very blog entry will help people, especially in their daily lives. Then I ask, “Why is it important for me to help people in this way?”

To which I answer, “Because I personally have struggled with time management. I personally have felt confused about my personal direction, and my life’s mission. And this feeling can become daunting. I also understand the consequence of this lack of clarity; I understand how poor time management adversely affects relationships and ultimately, the quality of one’s life.

I may then ask myself, “Why have I struggled with this aspect of my life?” In which case, I must get out the shovel and get ready for some heavy digging! My line of questioning: Have I always been unclear about my life’s purpose? Has this been the cause of my struggle to prioritize? If so, are there certain things that I am afraid of? What are these things? Why am I afraid of these things?

Note that with every question asked we get to understanding ourselves better, which then translates into time better spent, quality relationships, a sense of health and well being, an understanding of one’s life mission, and a general uplifting of one’s spirit. We can always explore this question, in every aspect of our lives, and in every decision we make.

Some sample “Why” Questions, for starters:

  1. Why do we set the goals that we do?
  2. Why are these goals right for our lives?
  3. Why are we driven to do the things we do?
  4. Why are we motivated by the factors that motivate us?
  5. Why are we driven to succeed at some times in our lives, but less driven at other times?
  6. Why do we take short cuts, when we do?
  7. Why do we have the bad habits that we have?
  8. Why are we unable to rid ourselves of these habits?
  9. If we are happy and satisfied (in any aspect of our life), then… why?
  10. If we are disappointed (in any aspect of our life), then… why?

It’s a simple question that will help you express your ideals. It will keep you headed in the right direction, and keep you feeling good.

So ask why, and ask fearlessly!



Dan“Why?” – The Most Important Question of All

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