Halftime 2023. 7.7.7.

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7 is a magical and lucky number. As the 7th month in the modern Gregorian calendar, July represents the midpoint of the year. Halftime. Time to take a break, catch your breath and reflect on the first half. As we end this first week of July (Day 7) and 2 weeks removed from the Summer Equinox (where the days get shorter for the rest of this half), we take our locker room reflections into a refreshed plan of attack for the back half of 2023.

I have called 2023 “The Year of Jordan” – an ode to Michael Jordan – and with that, the Year of (aspiration towards) Greatness or Excellence. For me – for many of us, as I have observed – this year has been incredibly intense. How I describe the Energy of 23 is relentless, demanding (the best of us) and leaving no room for anything inauthentic. The message is that “you have been given every opportunity to play and learn from life before; now is the time to apply the best of what you have learned.” Whatever does not fit will fall off – there is no longer room for extra baggage, be it emotionally, mentally or otherwise karmically. This is the year where we get real and clean – 100%, one way or another. Everything that has come before, especially starting 2020, is now culminating in the last of a 4 year cycle – not to mention longer cycles that are all synchronizing in this moment.

If you are anywhere between the ages of 40-50, this period also represents halftime in another sense. Mid-life, assuming like soccer, a “90 minute game” or 90 year life. We’re fortunate if we get to play the full 90, and maybe even some extra time. Take care of our health, diet, mental world and Spirit well enough, and we might even get into Overtime (up to 120 minutes or years). The analogy feels very relevant for me right now, at 49 years of age. I have had the benefit of life experiences and different strands of knowledge and wisdom that I have been able to extract from them. I have a clear vision, know my resources and am ready to play.

The 2nd half begins…of our lives (for the 40-50 year olds) and the year (for all of us) – 23, a year where the planet and each of us will be challenged in unique ways. The time to make your moves and go for gold – whatever that gold represents for you – is upon us. There is no hiding in the 2nd half. With the Power of 7 upon us, we must be ready to recognize the opportunities at hand, and make our own luck. Game on!


Arman RoustaHalftime 2023. 7.7.7.

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