Timebug’s mission is to help people be more intentional and productive with their time, and as a result, fulfilled in their lives. We study the way human behavior has adapted over the years with growing populations, increased city living and rapidly advancing technology integrated throughout the world. Our research and development focuses on developing solutions for Time-Energy-Life (TEL) management, productivity, happiness (fulfillment), Consciousness (elevated states of mental and emotional Awareness), integrated health & wellness and motivation.

Timebug is creating the world’s first comprehensive, open-sourced database of how human beings spend their time and have spent their time across all of human history.

We have also developed a Personal Intelligence or Life Optimization App, called Timebug (now in Version 3.0), which enables individuals to tap into their Inner Vision, make plans and stay on track with their most vital goals. Users get recommendations socially from Advisors as well as an AI system that learns their patterns and integrates their goals. Version 3.0 launches on January 1, 2023! – check our Product page for app store links!

Meet The Team

Arman Rousta Founder and CEO

Eduard Balaz Artistic Director, UX Designer