Join The Annual Life Vision Challenge

I invite you to join the annual Life Vision Challenge, a program that was created to bring together all facets of life into one holistic picture, so that you can better tune in to your true purpose, nurture your gifts and have a more fulfilling and productive life.

The journey is down into three phases – Discovery, Self-Assessment and Vision Creation – over 30 steps, which I will share with you along with corresponding exercises, over a 30-day period. December 16th – January 15th are the most important 30 days of the year, because they signify how you close out (2023) and how you kick-off the new year (2024). We’re going to do this together, and I will provide feedback and guidance, through 5 Live Virtual Workshops (via Zoom Video) over these 30 days.

I believe that Energy and time management are among the keys to a quality life. I ask you to participate with an open mind and heart. Through this process, you will have a fresh outlook and clearer Life Plan. I will introduce you to some powerful tools, which when employed, will open up new channels of positive Energy, which you will need to fuel your Vision in the weeks and months ahead.

If you are ready to commit to this intense process – which will require 30-60 minutes a day – let’s get you signed up. Space is limited in the Live Group, since I will be providing feedback to all participants.


COST: $100



  • Daily Lesson and Exercise Sheet
  • Full (2024) Year Time Management Spreadsheet
  • Lifetime Premium App Subscription (IOS and Android)
  • Access to 5 Live Zoom Workshops (and Recording, thereafter)
  • Q&A and Feedback from me during the 30 day program (Jan 2-31)

March Forth!

Arman Rousta
Founder, Timebug

Eduard BalazProgram