Eduard Balaz


Eduard is a graphic designer and new media artist with a strong cross-media knowledge that merges art with information-based design in an innovative way. He has over 15 years of design experience in the Advertising Industry, and 20 years of artistic practice. In 1999, Eduard co-founded Urtica art group, which exhibited internationally and won the prestigious UNESCO Digital Arts Award at the Institute for Advance Media Art and Science in Japan. The World’s largest online workplace, Upwork, awarded him The Best Freelancer in Serbia 2015 in the category of Design & Creative. Striving for  more challenging work, Eduard has begun contributing to Blueliner’s team environment, where he brings integrated design solutions that merge Branding, UI/UX Design, Concept Development, Data Visualization and Iconography. Eduard holds a B.A. in painting from Academy of Arts Novi Sad, and a M.A. (Magister of Arts) in digital art from the Faculty of Fine Arts Belgrade, Serbia. He received the Research Fellowship Award from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004.

DanEduard Balaz