CEO of Me: Board of Directors Strategies

A question came up at a recent workshop about how to engage one's Board of Directors.  It led to a good discussion, which now prompts this note.

I think that it is at the CEO of Me's discretion as to whether to formally disclose information about the Board to all Board members, or keep each relationship private and separate.  As for me, I will choose to keep my Board private this year.  I do have a new Board, with several new members, including one honorary Board member who is not someone that I know very well personally, but an esteemed author and teacher whom I have great respect for.  My strategy in that case is to wonder occasionally, “what would he say or advise in this instance?”  As for the others, I may not even tell all members that they're on my Board – as they are simply people that I trust, that I know care about me and will give me an objective, wise perspective on areas of my life for which I call upon them.  Some will know while others will not.  I will not gather them all on a Quarterly conference call, although I have done so before, and it is not a bad idea if the Board is small enough, and some of the people already know one another.

In spite of my personal choice not to inform all members, letting someone know that they are on your Board, or asking their permission, since you will require some feedback from them on your plans and goals, can open up new doors and forms of support that propel you towards your goals.  I encourage you to consider it.
Having odd or even number of Board members isn't that important, as very few items will truly go to a Board vote.  The Chairman (God or one's Higher Self, however you choose to look at it) has overriding power in the end.  You are the CEO, and also sit on the Board, apart from the Chairman.  The CEO of Me is also the Treasurer and Secretary, in which capacity he or she is responsible for keeping track of one's karma, energy, deeds and Cosmic currency (ref. Dario Salas).  Whether or not you keep track, the Universe does.  There is no escaping Karma – sooner or later, we have to face it, embrace it and work with it, as a good CEO takes hold of his resources and makes the most of them.

Arman RoustaCEO of Me: Board of Directors Strategies