Quality vs. Quantity (of Time)

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It is hard to be objective about the quality of our time, while quantity is more concrete. Even quantity of time can be tricky, because we’re not always present (mentally and emotionally) where we are. That said, it important to evaluate the quality of our time, which can be gaged best by measuring our energy. How do we feel? Are we more or less energetic than before? These are some simple ways to measure our quality of time. How those around us feel is another gage, although one that we are less responsible for than our own emotions and energy level.

One hour of quality time, in a task or with someone important to you can be more meaningful than a whole day of aimlessness and passivity. So how can we improve the quality of our time, energy and life? Many ways there are, some of which are simple and others that require regular effort to put in practice, such as producing positive energy via exercise.

Arman RoustaQuality vs. Quantity (of Time)

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