Multi-Tiered Goal Setting

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multi-tiered goalsI am a strong proponent of multi-tiered goal setting.  Set three bars – (MLA) “minimum level of achievement”, (HLA) “high level of achievement” and “BHAG level”.  BHAG = Big Hairy Audacious Goals”.  For example, say that you currently earn around $80,000 and want to earn more money this year.  The Multi-Tiered Goal would look like this: “I want to earn more money this year.  My income for 2013 will be…

  1. at least $100,000.” (MLS)
  2. more than $150,000.” (HLS)
  3. right around $400,000.” (BHAG)

Why not reach for the stars with the BHAG?  Who knows what you will be able to attract by putting out such a bold statement.  The BHAG is definitely one that you should keep in your vision and thoughts, when you make follow-up plans or as you meditate.  Three tiers are nice, because they all represent achievements – it’s like Bronze, Silver and Gold in the Olympics – being on that podium and watching your flag go up is something to be proud of.  That being said, emotionally, we can still use the motivation for Gold to drive us.

Arman RoustaMulti-Tiered Goal Setting

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