The Timebug Project: A Global, Open-Source Research Initiative

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We are creating the world’s first database of how human beings spend their time and have spent their time across all of human history.  This database will also gather and publish invaluable data about how long things take.  Anything, everything – sorted by critical attributes or aspects, including Location, Time Period and Demographics.  The Timebug Project is about leveraging Personal Intelligence tools to gain insights into the science of our lives – a Personal Science, if you will.

The methodology for data collection and storage is presently being finalized, and will be presented on an ongoing basis, as such data is deemed statistically significant enough to share with the public.  Much like Wikipedia, will host this open source, collaborative project, enabling anyone with certain levels of information or expertise to share data on their respective knowledge areas.  Trust authority will accumulate over time, and identities will be verified, to ensure a high level of data integrity.

The result of this initiative will garner key insights into many aspects of life and human nature, enabling us to answer questions like:

  • How long it takes to install an AC unit? [first timers vs. veterans (experience level), men vs. women (gender), (age), (geography), other criteria)]
  • How much time people spend exercising? [same type of criteria…reading data from APIs and data mining from a multitude of sources]

If you are interested in being a contributor, sign-up for our newsletter, leave a comment on this blog chain or email us [info@] for more details.



Arman RoustaThe Timebug Project: A Global, Open-Source Research Initiative

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