Timebug Year Wheel: Welcome to December 2013

Welcome to December 2013, a unique 31-day period that will come and go only once.  It is a privilege to be alive to experience this month, and hopefully, we all (7 Billion on Planet Earth) will make the most of it.

The month consists of 744 hours, and will bring the Year of 2013 to a close.  These hours are a perfect time to make one final progress push with whatever outstanding projects you have set forth in 2013, as well as putting some 2014 vision planning into effect.

Try your best not to let the rush of holiday parties, shopping, eating and vacations take you off track from your true aims in life – your passion projects.  The whole purpose of reflecting on your personal Year Wheel is to comprehend, from a bird’s eye view, what your life is about.  How you choose to spend your time, regardless of how bound you feel by family and work obligations, is how you determine the quality of your life.

Time + Energy = Life

With that said, enjoy December 2013 – and make the most of it!

Arman RoustaTimebug Year Wheel: Welcome to December 2013