What Makes a Great Day? 21 Signals.

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21-Point Great Day Checklist. Take some and add your own!

1. You felt energetic and strong

2. You loved someone and had a chance to show or express it somehow

3. Someone loved you and was able to show it

4. You did something productive and felt good about it

5. You solved a major or minor problem

6. You got paid, rewarded and/or acknowledged for your work (efforts)

7. Someone you care about did something positive

8. At some point, you laughed out loud

9. You smiled to yourself

10. You (genuinely) smiled at someone

11. Someone (genuinely) smiled at you

12. You learned something new

13. You made a new friend or connection

14. You did a good deed without any expectation of reward or recognition

15. There was (at least) a moment of serenity, where you were able to totally relax

16. There was (at least) a moment of Awareness, where you were able to feel totally connected to something Bigger

17. You felt energized by what you ate/drank (or didn’t consume)

18. You hugged someone

19. Somebody kissed you

20. You came up with a big idea – experiencing one of those “ah ha” moments

21. You went somewhere new (or old) that gave you a spark or fresh perspective

Arman RoustaWhat Makes a Great Day? 21 Signals.

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