20/20 Life Vision: Step 19

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Think about life’s most profound questions…

1. Purpose. Why am I here on Planet Earth and in this human form? What is
my purpose?

2. Self-Knowledge. Who am I – on a deeper level, beyond the human form,
race, gender and nationality that I came into being as?

3. Karma. Why do things happen to me and others in the world as they do
(e.g., the good, the bad – wars, crimes, etc.)? Is it random or predestined?

4. Destiny. Who is in charge here? Do I have to be compliant with a specific
religion or Spiritual path in order to be at peace with myself and be in God’s
good graces or is God within each of us, allowing me to co-author my own
destinies? Or is everything just random?

5. Healing. How can I feel tranquil and connected to “something beyond my-
self” on a day-to-day basis? How do I move through and beyond the pain that I have experienced in life?

Arman Rousta20/20 Life Vision: Step 19

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