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Time is the most valuable gift we are given as human beings – it’s the only thing we can never get back.

Social Media, Apps, Technology – Friends or Foes?

Our tech-centric, modern world can be overwhelming and fragment our Energy, making us feel less connected with ourselves and others. Timebug offers tools and wisdom to minimize the distractions, to help us find and stick to our Path – Know Thyself, and all else will fall into place.


Excerpts from the 20/20 life vision program

Halftime 2023. 7.7.7.

7 is a magical and lucky number. As the 7th month in the modern Gregorian calendar, July represents the midpoint of the year. Halftime. Time to take a break, catch your breath and reflect on the first half. As we end this first week of July (Day 7) and 2 weeks removed from the Summer Equinox (where the days get shorter for the rest of this half), we take our locker room reflections into a refreshed plan of attack for the back half of 2023.

Planning Through Planlessness

How can the absence of a plan itself be a plan? Answer: in scenarios where desired actions and behaviors become so habituated that they come to us automatically, with no planning required.

See Yourself Through the Eyes of Others

We’re often our own worst critics. For that reason, it can be a valuable exercise to attempt to see ourselves through the eyes of others in our lives: our friends, our peers, and our loved ones.