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Time is the most valuable gift we are given as human beings – it’s the only thing we can never get back.

Social Media, Apps, Technology – Friends or Foes?

Our tech-centric, modern world can be overwhelming and fragment our Energy, making us feel less connected with ourselves and others. Timebug offers tools and wisdom to minimize the distractions, to help us find and stick to our Path – Know Thyself, and all else will fall into place.


Excerpts from the 20/20 life vision program

The Quest for Clarity

There is no vision without clarity, and so clarity must be achieved before one’s vision can be realized. Luckily, nature provides us with all of the clues we need to find direction and live our purpose.

Boarding the Train of Opportunity

Opportunity is like a train arriving at a station. The choice to board is yours alone, but if you don’t get on, that same train might not ever show up again.

Timebug Founder/CEO Arman Rousta offers tips for how to finally leave the station, and how to make sure the train is the right one for your place and time.

How to Live with One’s Purpose

In this video, Timebug Founder Arman Rousta discusses the value of bringing order to one’s life, and highlights how an app like Timebug can assist with that goal.