About Us

Timebug’s primary mission is to help people be more productive with their time (however they define “productive”) and as a result, fulfilled in their lives. In order to assist, we must first understand, which means constant research and experimentation. The company is heavily focused on R&D efforts, related to time management, productivity and motivation.

Timebug is creating the world’s first comprehensive, open-sourced database of how human beings spend their time and have spent their time across all of human history.

We are also developing a Personal Intelligence App, 20/20 Life Vision, which will enable individuals to garner more effective personal analytics from many areas of their lives. Users will be able to obtain recommendations from a system that learns their patterns and integrates their goals. Version 1.0 is due for release Nov 1, 2018

Meet The Team

Arman Rousta Founder and CEO

Dan Kurfirst Developer, Product Manager

Eduard Balaz Artistic Director, UX Designer

Oscar Colmenares Lead Mobile Developer

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